Verticutter VCU200 with vertically rotating scarifier blades in direction of travel

Trilo Verticutting Machines: Precision for Perfect Results

The verticutting season is approaching, and Trilo has various mechanical verticutting machines in stock for all types of turf. Forward rotation, consistent operation, low maintenance, low power usage, and fast delivery are some of the benefits.


Expansion of Vanmac Group management board

Vanmac Group, the umbrella organization of Vanmac BV Turf Equipment and TRILO Smart Industries, has appointed Christiaan Arends as its new CEO effective August 16, 2022. Together with shareholders Leo van Loen and Peter van Mispelaar, he will form the Board of Vanmac Group.

TRILO S16W, Velden graszodenkwekerij

The TRILO S16W is indispensable to us

We sweep an area of 13 hectares in an hour with our S16w. The fact that the “wings” can be folded makes the TRILO S16w great for road transport.


Clearing leaves quickly and efficiently

Leaf litter is a danger to all road users. It is also disastrous for lawns when a lawn remains covered with leaves during winter months, resulting in decomposition and fungal growth which seriously affects the grass.

golf vcu150 verticutting

Removal of a thatch layer from grass fields

Verti-cutting is the removal of a layer of thatch from grass fields. Over time, a suffocating layer of thatch will develop in each grass field. A grass field consists of soil that is covered with grass and this layer is located between the blades of grass and the soil layer. This layer consists of mosses, dead grass and plant clippings, organic material deposited by the wind.

TRILO All Clear.

A clean and safe environment. That’s what we at Trilo are dedicated to. Our high end machinery keeps cities and airports all clear.

We make sure we know your business and your challenges inside out. We assure you, it’s all clear.

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