Sports Field maintenance

Sports fields require regular maintenance to keep them in top condition for athletes to perform at their best. Turf equipment is used to help maintain the field and keep it in optimal condition.

There are several types of turf equipment used in sports field maintenance, including:

  • mowers (multipurpose machines)
  • verticutters
  • vacuum trailers
  • leafblowers


Good to know that TRILO has an extensive range of these machines to keep your sports field in optimal condition.

Sports field maintenance machines

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Choosing the right equipment

When choosing equipment for sports field maintenance, it is important to consider factors such as the size of the field, the type of grass and the level of use the field will receive. It is also important to choose equipment that is reliable, easy to operate and maintain, and that will last for a long time. Fortunately, TRILO machines more than meet those requirements.

Have a look at our range of machines. They are an effective tool in keeping your sports field in top condition, and offer the best safety and performance for athletes. For now and the years to come.

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