Biomulching and collecting in one pass

In the face of ongoing climate change and the pressing need to conserve finite resources, there is a growing urgency to explore alternative energy sources to meet escalating energy demands. A key emphasis lies in the substitution of fossil fuels with renewable alternatives derived from agricultural by-products and other organic materials.

Revolutionize your operations with the cost-effective TRILO BISON C30w. Our all-in-one machine excels at mulching and collecting a variety of agricultural by-products in a single pass. Experience significant savings in fuel costs, labor, and reduce soil stress.

Corn stover collecting for biomass​

Corn stover consists the leaves, stalks, and empty cobs of maize (corn) plants that are left in a field after harvest. Such stover makes up about half of the yield of a corn crop and is similar to straw from other cereal grasses, sometimes called corn straw. By flailing over the full working width, one pass is sufficient to load the stover, and mow off the corn stalk.

The Corn Stover is used as biomass residue. The TRILO BISON C30w does the mulching and collecting in one pass, this saves fuel, labour and soil stress. 

See this submitted video from Robin Gockel von Rasenhof R&B Wullengerd oHG

Grass collecting for biomass​

The use of fresh grass or silage grass from farmland has great potential as an energy feedstock, as this biological feedstock is currently considered a waste material by landscape managers and is neither economically nor environmentally efficient. 

To make this energy transition possible, an effective method of collection is required. With the TRILO BISON C30w, it is possible to mow, mulch, collect and transport the grass in one pass. 

after a 3-year testing period, our production models will be available from January 2024

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