Suction Hood

The suction hood is the centrally placed suction hood under the vehicle in which shafts can be mounted. Depending on the mounted shaft, a TRILO vacuum sweeper can sweep and collect, scarify and collect or mow and collect. Brush hoods are available in different working widths: 1.5-1.8-2.1-2.4 or 3 m. All shafts in a brush hood can be mechanically driven, Brush hoods can also be hydraulically driven.

The suction hood is available with mechanical and hydraulic powertrain

To collect grass clippings, leavers, debris and other fine materials, the use of a brush shaft in combination with the TRILO suction system is the most suitable solution. The simplest powertrain consists of a hydraulic engine that is mounted directly on the brush hood and driven by the hydraulic system of the tractor. This is possible up to a working width of 3 m.

Another option is to let a shaft be mechanically driven by the PTO drive shaft of the tractor. This allows a higher power transmission and mowing and scarifying shafts can be mounted in the brush hood. This is possible up to a working width of 2.1 m.

For the collection of grass clippings from large areas, such as grass fields at turf farms, the machine can be equipped on both sides with mechanically driven folding wings that allow a working width of 6 or 7.8 metres.

Sometimes a suction hood without a shaft can be used for collecting very coarse materials (waste).