Hardware: TRILO IoT Box

TRILO Insights IoT Box

Discover the power of TRILO Insights with our cutting-edge TRILO IoT (Internet of Things) Box. Engineered by TRILO Smart Industries, this robust IP67 GPS tracker offers a multitude of connectivity options, enabling data exchange with both complex CANbus machines but also from simpler non-CANbus machines, effortlessly capturing sensor data.

Our IP67 IoT Box has undergone meticulous engineering to ensure durability and reliability. With an external combined GSM/GNSS antenna, optimal signal strength and precise location accuracy is achieved. Unlock the full potential of your machinery with the TRILO IoT Box connected to the TRILO Insights webportal.

Software: TRILO Insights Webportal

Track/Plan your machines

Harness the precise benefits of machine tracking and planning with TRILO Insights. Monitor your machinery’s real-time whereabouts, ensuring optimal deployment. You can streamline operations, minimize idle time, and enhance route planning. Whether it’s monitoring assets across fields or tracking in transit, our platform empowers you to optimize workflows, reduce fuel consumption, and maximize efficiency. Stay in control of your fleet’s movements and unlock new levels of productivity with TRILO Insights’ location tracking capabilities.

Area Management

Easily define your areas or fields directly on the satellite map with TRILO Insights. Register tasks automatically as machines operate within these designated areas, streamlining your workflow and ensuring efficient task management. Access a comprehensive history of completed tasks and upcoming scheduled tasks for each specific area, empowering you to optimize operations and stay organized with ease. With TRILO Insights, take control of your tasks and maximize productivity like never before.

own Parts/Documents inventory

Oversee your own parts inventory and documents directly within TRILO Insights. Gain insights into the usage duration and workingdistance covered by parts on the machine, enabling proactive maintenance planning. Set up customized notifications to prompt timely checks or replacements based on usage data, ensuring optimal machine performance and longevity. With TRILO Insights, take control of your inventory management and maintenance scheduling to keep operations running smoothly.

TRILO Insights Parts Catalog

TRILO/Vanmac Parts Catalog

Access the expansive TRILO/Vanmac Parts catalog with TRILO Insights. Explore real-time stock availability, transparent pricing, and accurate delivery estimates at your fingertips. Instantly download additional information on specific parts to streamline your maintenance processes. Gain visibility and control over your own parts inventory, ensuring seamless operations and minimizing downtime. Experience the convenience of comprehensive parts management with TRILO Insights.

TRILO Insights Notifications


Stay informed of (potential) issues with TRILO Insights’ real-time notifications for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), accompanied by troubleshooting information to swiftly resolve them. Track the history of notifications from your machine, providing valuable insights into its performance and maintenance needs over time. Ensure optimal machine health and minimize downtime.

*Available on TRILO Machines with Danfoss Controllers.


Continuously evolving, TRILO Smart Industries’ engineers strive to enhance TRILO Insights every day. User feedback is invaluable in shaping our platform to address real-world challenges effectively. If you’re interested in becoming a TRILO Insights user, please reach out to us via the form below. We look forward to collaborating with you to optimize your and our operations.

TRILO Insights

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