Sweepers with a suction hose

A suction hose can be mounted in three different ways:

  1. TRILO S8-S20 vacuum sweepers can be fitted with a 350 mm hose on a hydraulically controlled boom that can optionally be operated with a joystick. This can be mounted on the left and right side.

  2. TRILO vacuum sweepers can be equipped with a 6 metres long flexible suction hose with a diameter of 250 mm. The end piece is equipped with a comfortable hand grip, a gauge wheel and a rubber end piece that allows large amounts of material to be collected quickly and effectively.
  3. TRILO S8-S20 vacuum sweepers with a suction hose can also be combined with any type of mowing arm.

All suction hoses are made of the highest quality UV and microbe resistant polyurethane, a strong, flexible and very wear-resistant material that can withstand high under pressure.

TRILO S8 Series cross section