TRILO Chassis Types

TRILO vacuum sweepers are available with a selection of different chassis types adaptable to the desired working conditions. For example, transport on public roads at 80 km/h, an extra low ground pressure or a very high loading capacity. Different configurations are possible with a choice from multi-functional or truck tyres, leaf suspension, and different braking systems.

Narrow single axle 2 m wide (up to 5 tonnes)

Standard 2.3 m wide (6.5 and 8 tonnes)

Tandem axle 2.3 m wide (high loading capacity)

Pendling wheels 2.5 m wide (extra low ground pressure due to optimal weight distribution)


  • Non-suspension (max 40 km/h)
  • Leaf suspension (max 80 km/h)


Braking systems

  • Unbraked (not for public roads, max 25 km/h, max 5 tonnes)
  • Hydraulic brakes ( VK, max 25 mph)
  • Inertia brakes (Germany, NL, EU, max 5 tonnes, max 40 km/h)
  • Air brakes (Germany, NL, EU, max 40 km/h)
  • Air brakes (Germany, max 80 km/h)


The above list only shows the relevant wheel axles and is determined by the loading capacity, transport speed, and the permitted braking systems.