TRILO Service & Parts

On this page you will find all service-related contact options. You can order parts or request technical support.
You will also find all the necessary forms you need for returning parts, warranty claims or register your TRILO-machine for warranty.
It can sometimes be more convenient for you to order via the webshop. Request access to our webshop.

How can we help you?

I want to register my TRILO machine for warranty

To be able to claim your warranty, please fill out the online registration form below. The warranty period starts on the delivery date and if we have received the completed form. You will receive an email with a confirmation.

I want to return parts

In case you ordered the wrong or not needed parts, then we offer you the option to return them. Administration and handling costs are € 35,00. Returns can only be accepted with a return form, download the form below. 100% Credit by returning within 2 months after the invoice date. 25% Credit by returning within 2-6 months after the invoice date. Goods can no longer be returned 6 months after the invoice date. Parts specially produced for you and parts specially ordered for you, which TRILO normally does not keep in stock, may not be returned.

I have a warranty claim

If you want to submit a warranty claim you can submit it using this form. This application form must be filled in completely and sent with the defective parts within 8 days after repair. The defective parts must be sent to us free delivered.

TRILO All Clear.

A clean and safe environment. That’s what we at Trilo are dedicated to. Our high end machinery keeps cities and airports all clear.

We make sure we know your business and your challenges inside out. We assure you, it’s all clear.

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