Controls for TRILO vacuum trailers

Controls for operating the functions on TRILO vacuum trailers. The different functions can be operated in different ways, namely:

  1. With joystick control (compact cab control) from the driver’s seat
  2. Via radio remote control
  3. Dual operation with joystick control and radio-controlled
  4. Direct operation by means of tractor hydraulics

Compact cab controller

All functions of TRILO suction trailers can be controlled from the cab. For this application, TRILO developed a new control.

This control consists of a 3-axis joystick and a graphic color display. For convenience and efficiency, switching between functions is only a matter of changing the modes on the joystick. It is no longer necessary to leave the cab of the tractor to switch between brush hood and wander hose or unloading the load.

Radio control

For emptying underground waste containers, rubbish bins, heaps of litter or leaves, the control of the machine can be taken over by remote control. Its electrical system is entirely identical to that of the compact cab control. You can even switch between the two operating systems while working with the suction hose.

Direct control from the tractor

As long as there is only a need for a few functions, and the tractor has enough hydraulic connections, it is possible to control the machine with the tractor hydraulics. However, you will be missing then many useful functions and notifications, which are otherwise offered via the cab control.

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