Verge Mowing

Verge mowing is important for the safety and efficiency of roads. Neat and tidy verges maintained with as little traffic disruption as possible. That is possible with TRILO leaf blowers and vacuum trailers. The TRILO vacuum trailers can be used for several tasks. Mow the verges or sweeping up and collecting waste materials such as leaves or litter.

Verge mowing with TRILO machines

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Optionally, a vacuum trailer can be fitted with a suction hose that can be mounted on both sides, allowing you to remove waste material from hard-to-reach places. TRILO vacuum trailers with a suction hose can also be combined with any type of mowing arm. The machines are compact and manoeuverable machines with wide tyres for a low ground pressure. Easy to work between obstacles, and perfect for working in wet weather conditions.

Increased precision

Our machines are equipped with precision cutting blades and can easily navigate around obstacles and reach tight spaces. This allows for a more precise and even cut, which is essential for maintaining healthy and safe verges. 

Long-lasting durability

TRILO verge mowing machines are built to last, with durable components that can withstand the rigors of regular use. This means that they require less maintenance and repairs, which results in lower overall costs. 

Verge mowing made efficient, safe and precise

The proper equipment is essential for maintaining the health and appearance of verges in any community or commercial area. They are designed to handle the specific needs of verge mowing, and are equipped with features that increase efficiency, safety and precision. Furthermore, they have a long-lasting durability resulting in lower TCO. Investing in proper mowing machines for verge mowing is a smart move for any community.

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