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Solid Waste Collection

Solid waste collection is becoming more and more an issue; worldwide. Due to increasing population, changed consumption patterns,  the lack of awareness and inefficient existing waste management methods, both in urban and rural areas solid waste problems occur. An aggravating problem: large amounts of waste accumulated in streets, in parks, near school yards, on event sites, recreation areas, etc. As a result, governments and municipalities are faced with new challenges:

  • maintaining a reasonable level of cleanliness,
  • controlling health hazards,
  • adverse environmental impact and
  • providing a generally civilized appearance for civil areas.  


A thorough approach and the right solid waste collection equipment are some of the ingredients to tackle the problem and maintain clean and healthy communities.

Methods of waste management

Of course there are several ways of dealing with waste. Just to mention a few: sanitary landfill, composting and burning solid wastes. The best option? Surely this depends on the kind of waste and local circumstances. But recovery and recycling is one option that is nearly always integrated in modern waste management systems. After all, waste and garbage contain materials that are very well suited for recycling. Materials like organic substances, plastic, glass, paper, rags, etc. So the collection, transfer, recovery and safe disposal of waste plays an important role in the total solid waste challenge. And TRILO waste collecting equipment have proven to be useful tools in this process. In various European cities, waste collection authorities have opted for TRILO vacuum trailers and containers. And with positive results!

Solid waste collection equipment

Collecting solid waste asks for the right equipment. After all, the process must be fast, efficient, safe and as easy as possible. Therefore, TRILO machines are developed with all these principles in mind. The total range of mobile waste collectors / equipment includes various types of machines, each of which is tailored to specific waste needs. We focus on designing machines for various sub-areas, such as:
  • Emptying underground waste containers
  • Removing (waste) from streets, squares, parks, etc.
  • Cleaning of festival sites
  • Leaf clearance

Improving our environment

So whether it is waste in urban areas, waste removal from hard-to-reach places, large quantities of waste or just smaller quantities: the TRILO range offers it all!

  • vacuum containers
  • debris loaders
  • vacuum trailers
  • blowers
  • high quality equipment
  • very versatile
  • with huge suction power
  • with a large number of options available

TRILO waste collection equipment:

Designed to make waste collection easier and more convenient.

Make your choice from the collection listed below. Any questions about what machine is the right one for your solid waste problem? Do not hesitate to contact us!

TRILO All Clear.

A clean and safe environment. That’s what we at Trilo are dedicated to. Our high end machinery keeps cities and airports all clear.

We make sure we know your business and your challenges inside out. We assure you, it’s all clear.

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