Debris loader T1 with hopper

  • Fits on most vehicles
  • Easy to operate
  • Little maintenance required
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for the removal of various waste materials


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Debris loader T1 with hopper

TRILO T1 turns smaller vehicles into vacuum sweepers

Debris loader T1 with hopper is TRILO’s unique concept to adapt smaller vehicles, such as UTV’s (utility vehicles), pick-up trucks or trikes, into a small vacuum sweeper. Mobile removing waste materials from the most difficult locations is now made easy with the TRILO T1. You can easily mount the T1 onto a loading bed, and it is then immediately ready for use. With this mini-unit, you effortlessly vacuum a load volume of one cubic meter of litter, pruning residue or leaves with a five-meter suction hose. This vacuum unit is easy to operate and requires little maintenance. This T1 is ideal for narrow roads, urban areas, camping sites, cemeteries, parks, and golf courses, but it is also excellent for use during events.

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