Leafblower BL400

  • Compact with a high output.
  • Fits on a wide range of vehicles and mowers.
  • Can be mounted both on the front and back of a vehicle.
  • Anti-scalp roller.
  • Can be driven both hydraulically and by means of a PTO drive shaft.
  • Robust construction.
  • Reverse exhaust spout is hydraulically operated from the driver’s seat.


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Leafblower BL400

Clearing roads, verges or parking places, etc.

Leafblower BL400 is a unique, flexible, and quiet leafblower that fits well on the front or rear of many vehicles. The 180° swiveling blow-off bend is hydraulically operated from the driver’s seat. This makes it easy to direct the airflow. Despite its high power, the BL400 has a remarkably low noise level, which is pleasant for the surroundings and the driver. The BL400 is driven either hydraulically or by means of a PTO shaft. The fan requires a power greater than >25 hp (19 KW).

Characteristics BL400:

  • low noise level
  • blower nozzle is 180 rotatable
  • centred blower nozzle
  • sturdy impact protection bar
  • anti-scalping roll


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