Vacuum Mower C30W Hi-volume Wide-area

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Specially designed for (heavy-duty) airport mowing
  • Cuts and collects grass clippings and FOD in one pass
  • Keeps working in the toughest weather conditions
  • Offers high working speed due to its 6.9 meters working width
  • Less driving back and forth to unload due to a large loading volume 30 m2
  • Results in fewer runway closures because the TRILO C30W works fast and efficiently
  • Safe and easy to operate by one person
  • High quality, durable and built to last machine
  • Enables effective wildlife habitat management to reduce wildlife strikes


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Vacuum Mower C30W Hi-volume Wide-area

Wide-area cut and collect on airports

Vacuum mower C30W hi-volume wide-area : a cut and collect mower specially developed for heavy-duty airport mowing. The design is based on our extensive experience in airport mowing and the needs of our customers. Its large loading volume of 30 m3 results in fewer unloading trips, so you will be able to work longer. Its large working width of 6.9 meters and high working speed also means that the TRILO C30W can easily mow up to 11 hectares per hour. The TRILO C30W requires a minimum of maintenance. It is built to last and will function perfectly under any weather conditions. The TRILO C30W is also safe and easy to operate – it is a unique machine that has no equal in the market and really takes airport mowing to the next level.

Low impact on the soil

Extra-large, low-pressure tires with an optional tire pressure system ensure optimal weight distribution. This keeps the impact of the vehicle on the ground to a minimum, preventing soil damage like ruts and tire marks. Less soil compaction ensures a healthy, open soil structure in which water can drain more easily. This means less chance of flooding and fewer puddles of water that attract birds/wildlife.

TRILO Floating wings

The TRILO C30W is equipped with TRILO floating wings for a working width of 6.9 meters – you can mow 11 hectares in one hour. Its carefully designed suspension also means that both wings follow the exact contours of the ground. This results in an even cut across the entire airside area.

Airflow and dust suppression

The TRILO C30W has a powerful optimized airflow system (TRILO direct flow). This ensures that most dust particles are removed from the airflow by the TRILO active dust filter and water atomization system. The airflow is then routed behind the tailgate and blown downwards under the TRILO C30W. This greatly reduces the number of particles spread through the air.

Mowing grass and collecting FOD

Waste, often carried by the wind, spreads over wide grass areas at airports and poses a risk to flight safety. The optimally shaped air inlet (TRILO direct flow) in combination with a powerful fan ensures that grass clippings AND present FOD are effortlessly removed and safely collected in one pass. By the fact that FOD is collected at the same time, there is less need for time-consuming FOD walks.

Safe and easy to work with

We have put a lot of effort into making the TRILO C30W as simple and user-friendly as possible. Its intuitive control elements are logically arranged, easy and safe to operate. Any operator anywhere in the world can start using the TRILO C30W after basic instruction. Machine operators will also enjoy working with the TRILO, which will be reflected in better results.

Low operating cost

Our goal was to build the best machine possible in terms of performance and durability, as well as in terms of cost of ownership. The C30W’s simple but carefully thought-out design means that it requires very little maintenance. And because you can perform two tasks at once, you save manpower and fuel costs. The large working width and high working speed also limit costly runway closures.

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