Vacuum Trailer Large wide-area S10W-S20W

  • Sweep and collect in one pass.
  • Extra wide radial tires for low ground pressure.
  • Optional swing axle – four wheels in line.
  • Powered by power take-off (PTO).
  • High working speed.
  • Can be configured online according to your needs.
  • Be able to work longer due to a large loading volume.
  • Easy unloading by means of a self-unloading chain floor.
  • Can be operated by one man.
  • Working width: 5.8 or 7.8 m.


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Vacuum Trailer Large wide-area S10W-S20W

Collecting grass clippings from wide areas

Vacuum Trailer Large wide-area S10W-S20W is a machine that was designed for maintenance of wide areas of grass. Excess grass clippings choke the grass and cause damage. Failing to remove grass clippings will also cause unwanted thatch build-up. A felt layer that is too dense is detrimental to the absorption of water, oxygen and fertilizers and fertilizers by the roots, causing growth to stagnate. Therefore, its removal is necessary for good grass management. Take control of your grass fields by sweeping and collecting with large vacuum sweepers with wings.

These are unique vacuum trailers specially developed for the (wide-area) sweeping and collection of grass clippings from wide grass areas. By unfolding the wings, it is possible to sweep and collect from huge surfaces with working widths of 5.8 or 7.8 m. When the wings are folded, these vacuum sweepers can simply be transported by road. In fact, when folded, they have a width of only 2.76 m.

A fan placed in a housing fitted with replaceable wear plates, provides an enormous suction power. This allows working at a high working speed. Thus, these vacuum trailers are capable of sweeping grass areas of 12 hectares in an hour.

A large vacuum sweeper with wings is powered by a PTO coupled to the tractor and needs a power of 90 – 110 hp (66 – 81 KW). The vacuum sweepers are available with different loading volumes ranging from 10 to 20 m3. Extra-wide radial tires and an optional pendling axle with four in-line wheels ensure very low ground pressure.

The S-Series vacuum trailers come with loading volumes of 10, 12, 14, 16 and 20 m3. Select the loading volume below with which you want to assemble your S-Series vacuum trailer.


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