Redexim and Trilo Smart Industries Forge Global Distribution and Rebranding Agreement for Trilo Blower Products

Redexim and Trilo Smart Industries are pleased to announce a significant strategic agreement, heralding a new era in the turf machinery industry. Under this arrangement, Redexim will become the global distributor of Trilo blower products. Redexim will leverage the expertise of Trilo to expand its product range with PTO driven blowers, enhancing its offerings to the turf machinery industry and expanding their portfolio and market reach through its Global network of Partners.

Christiaan Arends, Peter van Mispelaar, Justine de Bree and Herman de Bree

This landmark agreement solidifies the collaboration between two esteemed Dutch turf machinery manufacturers, utilising their respective strengths to deliver unparalleled value to customers worldwide. Trilo Smart Industries will focus its efforts on their specialised trailed vacuum products, while Redexim will enhance their product range by incorporating the highquality blower products into their range and will take the reins in distributing the Trilo blower range under the Redexim brand.

Christiaan Arends, CEO of Vanmac Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration.

“We are happy with this agreement as Trilo wants to focus on our well known trailed vacuum products. This agreement with Redexim gives us full focus and power to keep developing, producing and marketing the best trailed vacuum machines in the world.”

Curtis Allen, Sales Manager for Redexim said:

“We are delighted to have reached this agreement with Trilo. The Trilo range of blowers is renowned for its performance and quality, making it a perfect fit for the Redexim portfolio. With our existing Partners catering to customers in golf, sports turf, municipalities, and similar sectors, incorporating these products into our range was a logical step forward.”

Redexim will assume responsibility for sales, marketing, distribution, and support of both new and existing Trilo blower machines in the market. Trilo blower products will be rebranded as Redexim while maintaining the commitment to quality and reliability expected from both Trilo and Redexim. Consequently, Trilo will cease offering the blower as a standalone product under its brand.

This collaboration underscores the commitment of both companies to delivering innovative solutions and exceptional service to turf managers worldwide. By combining Redexim’s extensive distribution network and market expertise with the renowned performance of Trilo blowers, customers can expect enhanced accessibility and support for these essential turf management tools.

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