TRILO sustainable with 1282 solar panels

Protecting our environment is becoming an increasingly important issue in our society and for TRILO as well. “Contributing in a fair and sustainable way to a clean, safe and healthy world for all.” is part of our mission and vision. For this reason, we chose to greatly reduce the CO2 emissions of our production site by applying solar panels.

Sustainable production facility

There are many different ways to contribute. In this regard, solar panels are the right choice to make our business more sustainable. This is because solar panels produce clean energy. No harmful substances are released during the process and CO2 emissions are also 10 to 30 times lower, compared to emissions from coal or gas. With just one solar panel, one can save around 100kg of CO2 per year. The roof of our production facility has1282 panels with an estimated annual energy yield of 376,000kWh. That is a reduction of no less than 128 tonnes of CO2 per year. In this way, TRILO would like to contribute to a safe and clean world in an honest and sustainable way.
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TRILO All Clear.

A clean and safe environment. That’s what we at Trilo are dedicated to. Our high end machinery keeps cities and airports all clear.

We make sure we know your business and your challenges inside out. We assure you, it’s all clear.

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