Reel Mower R10

  • Fully mechanically driven.
  • Only needs 55 HP.
  • Perfect cut at high speed.
  • Capacity of up to 100 hectares per day.
  • 32% lower fuel consumption.
  • Low weight, less burden for grass.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Nice distribution of grass cuttings.

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Reel mower R10

For mowing mowing wide areas of grass

Reel mower R10 is specially designed for maintaining wide areas of grass, for instance on turf farms. This 10 m wide reel mower, delivers cut quality with a sharp cut at a high mowing speed and with little tractor power. This mower is very easy to fold. And with a width of 2.5 metres, transport on public roads is no problem. Extra wide tyres ensure stability and a low ground pressure. Only 55 HP is required from the PTO drive shaft to drive the machine. Depending on the tractor type, this results in fuel savings of up to 32% compared to other mowers. And compared to rotary mowers with a similar working width, this goes up to 45%.

TRILO R10 now with improved TRILO cutting reels

We have improved the R10. The simplified structure makes it easier to set the correct cutting height. And on top of that, the mower is far more maintenance friendly. We have adjusted the position of the lower blade. This results in a more even discharge of the grass clippings. Furthermore, the bearings of the cutting units are now on the outside. This creates a better fit and leaves far less space for grass clippings to accumulate. The use of the unique TRILO feeler roller brush, keeps the rollers nearly completely free of adhering grass clippings.

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