The TRILO S16W is indispensable to us

The TRILO S16W is a unique vacuum sweeper designed specifically for sweeping and collecting grass clippings from lawns on turf farms. The TRILO S16W is an important link in our grass cultivation.

Grass clippings removal is necessary for good grass management, which is how we keep control of our lawns.

By sweeping and collecting with large sweeper-suction trucks with wings, we can sweep and collect in one work aisle at a high working speed. We sweep an area of 13 hectares in an hour with our S16w. The fact that the “wings” can be folded makes the TRILO S16W great for road transport.

Velden turf nursery, Well – Limburg

TRILO S16W, Velden graszodenkwekerij
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TRILO All Clear.

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