Clearing leaves quickly and efficiently

With the onset of autumn, the leaves change colour again. This can be a beautiful sight. But as soon as the leaves fall, they create a nuisance. And that leaf debris is just then more of an eyesore. Leaf debris on roads and paths poses a danger to all road users. In addition, it is also disastrous for lawns. Because when a lawn remains covered with leaves during the winter months, rotting and mould growth occurs. This seriously affects the quality of the grass.

Leaf debris: millions of kilos cover kerbs, potholes and road markings; with all the dangers that entails. When it gets wet (which is actually always the case in autumn weather!), it makes the roads slippery. If you need to brake suddenly, you run a high risk of sliding, possibly resulting in a serious accident. Also, drains such as wells and gutters get clogged, causing floods, flooding and a lot of damage.

High time for quick and efficient clearing of leaves and debris. Only this way can you be sure that lawns remain healthy and that traffic can continue to move safely. Our professional vacuum trailers,  leaf blowers and leaf debris loaders can quickly and easily remove any leaf debris from lawns, roads, paths and other surfaces.

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A clean and safe environment. That’s what we at Trilo are dedicated to. Our high end machinery keeps cities and airports all clear.

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