Vacuum Container TL Underground Waste

  • Powerful fan with strong suction power.
  • Efficient mobile emptying of underground waste containers.
  • Simple moving onto or from a truck using a hooklift system.
  • Easy to operate by one person with radio remote control.
  • Driven by low-emission engines.
  • Can be simply operated by one person.


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Vacuum Container TL Underground Waste

Vacuum container TL underground waste – equipped with a remotely operated extendable boom. An operator stands next to the container and remotely operates the hydraulic boom of the TRILO vacuum container. When the above-ground portion of the waste container is opened, the suction hose can be placed inside the underground container using the boom. With its enormous suction power, the powerful fan ensures that the underground container is emptied in very short time. This is possible up to 3 metres below street level. The operator takes care that the boom on top of the TRILO vacuum container folds up again. One can work within a working radius of 270 degrees and there is a maximum reach of 7.5 m. This allows you to easily work around obstacles such as containers or cars. When the vacuum container is full, it can be easily emptied.

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