Wide area mowers: safe time with our versatile machines

Wide area mowers

Are you looking for a wide area mower? Look no further, as Trilo has the perfect one for you.

Whether you need to mow farmland, or maintain a sports field, wide area mowers are necessary to do the job fast, and well.

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Trilo’s meticulous wide area mowers will get the job done fast

Surely you don’t want the mowing of your pastures, golf course, or soccer field to take all day? Mowing row after endless row, before the grass is finally cut and collected?

And surely you don’t want a machine that can cut only the fine grasses, but leaves uneven stubbles of rougher grass? Or one that allows clumps to form?

Then consider Trilo’s wide area mowers. The advantages are plenty!

First of all, our machines are tailor-made for you. You can choose from among 52 features and put together your perfect wide area mower. You can, for example, choose a grass collection add-on and enjoy a working width of a stunning 8 meters. Or, alternatively, cut and collect grass in one session from as far are 6 meters. Now that will safe time!

Check our easy to use product configurator and allow us to convince you of the versatility of our Trilo S-series.

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As our wide area mowers follow ground contour perfectly, grass cutting and collecting is done scrupulously. This means the machine is very useful for grasslands, but also for golf courses and sports pitches, where the grass shouldn’t hinder the games.

Furthermore, our machine is compact and light weight. This means the Trilo wide area mower is easy to manoeuvre and won’t damage the soil.

Convinced? Contact us now for more information and quotes.

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We have over 40 years of experience to back up the quality of our wide area mowers

Our professionals combine their extensive experience with cutting-edge design and production technologies. We understand our customer’s needs and design your wide area mower accordingly.

Furthermore, we:

  • Have a dedicated support team that will help you out in case of need. Both over the phone and on-site.
  • You can keep downtime to a minimum, as we deliver spare parts throughout Europe, and ship them on the day you place your order.
  • We provide maintenance services for all our customers

Contact us with your queries about our wide area mowers, or discover the exact features we offer.

Wide area mower