At Trilo, we have a number of excellent street sweepers for sale.

Are you looking for vacuum sweeper trucks? Then read more about the Trilo S-series.

Street sweepers for sale: the Trilos S-series is truly versatile

Vacuum sweeper trucks need to be able to work in many different situations.

They need, for example, to be able to vacuum leaves and litter, but also debris. Although oftentimes, they will be used to sweep streets and clean pavements, they will also need to be put to use in, for example, parking lots or other space restricted areas. Therefore, they need to be compact and highly manoeuvrable.

The Trilo S-series offers just that. Our high capacity and low maintenance vacuum sweeper trucks can be assembled exactly to meet your requirements. 

Read more about the street sweepers for sale at Trilo




Street sweepers for sale


Assemble the street sweepers for sale at Trilo to match your exact needs

Our vacuum sweeper trucks can be used for tasks as versatile as:

And we are sure other operations can be added to that.

This is how it works:

The Trilo S-series is a standard machine. Our product configurator will, however, take you to no less than 52 steps in which you can indicate your preference. What loading capacity would you like? Will you choose PTO or hydraulically driven equipment? Which undercarriage and drawbar options do you prefer? Simply indicate this in our product configurator and we will assemble your perfect vacuum sweeper truck for you.

Trilo: your partner of choice in the cleaning industry

The street sweepers for sale at Trilo will accommodate your specific wishes. We can guarantee that, because we have over 40 years of experience in house. This experience is put to use in our factory in the Netherlands, and we distribute across Europe.

We have a well-equipped service centre that can help you out with technical assistance, spare parts and regular maintenance.

Our sales representatives are in close contact with our engineers. Therefore, they have the most up to date information and will be able to offer you good advice. 

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