How Trilo enables efficient sports field maintenance

Sports field maintenance is important. Without it, people will trip over lumps of grass, slip over heaps of leaves, or slide in muddy pools. However, sports field maintenance is also laborious, as it takes a long time to do it well. And even then, the risk of damaging the turf is real. So how can you make the job less arduous and more time efficient? By working with Trilo’s sports ground maintenance equipment.

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Sports field maintenance

Sports field maintenance: the vital features of equipment

Proper sports field maintenance needs to be done right. Therefore, you need a machine that is:

  • Compact
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Light weight

These features will allow you to cut the grass in a precise fashion, as you can easily move the device around. They will also ensure that heavy machinery won’t damage the sod, nor turn the field into a muddy pool.

Your machine also needs to:

  • Have a high loading capacity
  • Have a large working width
  • Cut and collect grass, as well as vacuum leaves and debris

These characteristics will enable you to save serious time when carrying out sport field maintenance. Trilo’s sports ground maintenance equipment can do all of this. And more. 

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Sports pitch maintenance

Trilo’s sports ground maintenance equipment: tailor-made for you

Do you wish to add hazard lights? A parking brake? A cover to limit the noise and suppress dust? Or would you prefer to cut the grass on both sides of the machine simultaneously? Whatever your wishes, we accommodate.

Check out our free, online product configurator and build your very own sports field maintenance equipment. You can choose from among over 50 different features

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