A sidewalk sweeper should be able to clean up both litter and rubble, and it should be able to seamlessly move from pavement to road. It should go slow, in order to clean, and fast to avoid keeping up traffic.

An outdoor vacuum sweeper, in short, needs to be versatile.

The Trilo sidewalk sweeper: versatile and tailor-made

Trilo has developed just the versatile machine needed for sidewalk sweeping.

The S-series is the result of Trilo’s never-ending product improvement. These new outdoor vacuum sweepers are powerful and efficient, yet easy to manoeuvre and maintenance friendly.

Furthermore, they can be configured to match your exact requirements. So if you look for an outdoor vacuum sweeper than can vacuum litter and debris, sweep up leaves and clean the streets using water, simply indicate this on the configuration form and we will assemble your tailor-made sidewalk sweeper. 

See what the Trilo sidewalk sweeper offers you



 Sidewalk sweeper

Four reasons to choose Trilo as your sidewalk sweeper supplier

First, Trilo is an international supplier of vacuum sweepers, leaf blowers and verticutting units. We supply throughout Europe, so no matter where you are located, we can be of service to you.

Secondly, the service department is fully equipped to offer you on-site emergency service, technical assistance or spare parts. On top of that we provide regular maintenance for all machines we sell.

Thirdly, should you be in need of a spare part, then simply log in on our website, check supplies and place your order.

Finally, the drivers that will deliver your sidewalk sweeper to you, will also be able to set it up, so that you the machine is ready to be used immediately.

Any questions about our S-series sidewalk sweeper? Contact us!

We gladly answer any questions you may have concerning our outdoor vacuum sweeper. Please contact us by phone at +31(0)33 456 45 50 or by email at info@trilo.com

We look forward to hearing from you!