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Greenkeeping - VCU120

The TRILO VCU120 verticutting unit is mounted on a robust steel frame which can be linked to a category I three point hitch. The VCU120 has a working width of 1,20 meter and can be used behind a tractor from 15 HP (11 kW). This verticutting unit is mounted off set, so you will not drive over your freshly verticut soil. A PTO shaft with shear bolt powers the chain driven axles. The verticutting depth can be easily adjusted through a threaded spindle on both sides of the unit. The VCU120 can optionally be equipped with floating wheels at the back and a flexible 3 point linkage for even better contour following. The VCU120 can easily handle a thatch layer of up to 5 cm deep.

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Greenkeeping - VCU120


Technical specifications


PTO output:  > 15 hp
PTO:  540 RPM
Drive:  Power take-off
Three point hitch:  Cat. I
Weight:  225 kg
Measurements (LxWxH):  1,40 x 0,80 x 0,90 m
Working width: 1,20 m
Number of knives:  24
Diameter knives:  Ø 270 mm
Knive thickness:  2 mm Tungsten Tips
Knive distance:  50 mm
Front roller diameter:  Ø 120 mm
Weight set:  2 x 22 kg
Working depth:  Max. 50 mm