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The VCMK3 verticutting unit is a mechanically driven, flexible verticutter with 3 independent terrain following elements. The verticutting knives turn with the driving direction for a tight verticut and as little root damage as possible. The VCMK3 is available in working widths of 1,70 and 2,00 meter and can be mounted under the SG400. This flexible verticutting unit is suitable for tractors from 25 HP (18 kW) and is driven by a Walterscheid PTO shaft with shear bolt. This unit is equipped with gauge wheels and sliders that are placed in the heart of the axle so that the elements follow the contours of the soil perfectly. The axle can be equipped with 2 mm Tungsten tip knives as well as 3 mm Manganese steel tip knives. The verticutting depth can be adjusted easily through a threaded spindle on both sides of the unit.

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Technical specifications


PTO output:  > 27 hp
PTO:  540 RPM
Drive:  Power take-off
Three point hitch:  Cat. II
Weight:  300 kg
Measurements (LxWxH):  1,30 x 2,45 x 1,00 m
Working width: 1,70-2,00 m
Number of knives:  Dependant on working width
Diameter knives:  Ø 270 mm
Knive thickness:  2 mm Tungsten Tips or 3 mm Manganese steel
Knive distance:  30 mm or 45 mm
Weight set:  4 x 22 kg
Working depth:  Max. 30 mm