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Collecting Leaves, litter and Lawn Grass

When you have to pick up leaves from a lawn, verticut material in a park, sportsfi elds or golfcourses you want equipment that makes impressions on your work load, not impressions like ruts and tyre
marks! Thats why the Trilo Grass Collector SG 670 is ideal for you. Light in weight, yet heavy in sophistication, this unique machine with its wide tyres performs efficiently without leaving a mark on your

The heart of the machine is formed by a high capacity fan giving it a high work rate enabling you to collect large amounts of clippings, fallen leaves, thatch and debris. The reinforced, balanced
fan wheel and the double walled casing provide a wear resistant, reliable and above all safe source of suction power. The impeller casing has an inspection trap in the lower part. Because of the powerful
air flow the complete 7 cubic metres of loading space can be fi lled tightly during operation. So huge amounts of material can be compacted in its grass box and, instead of tipping cuttings away, the
moving fl oor neatly unloads with a simple flick of a lever. This way an area the size of a golf course can be taken care of adequately. 

The optional double-walled top cover exhausts the airfl ow downwards at the rear of the machine. At the same time the air is filtered by a coarse filter net. The main advantage is: suppression of dust clouds especially in urban environments, on top of that reduction in sound levels and at the rear the run over grass will be erected caused by the firm, controlled airflow. The impeller casing has an inspection trap in the lower part.


Because of the powerful air fl ow the complete 7 cubic metres of loading space can be filled tightly during operation. So huge amounts of material can be compacted in its box and, instead of tipping
cuttings away, the moving fl oor neatly unloads with a simple fl ick of a lever. This way an area the size of a golf course can be taken care of adequately. The optional double-walled top cover exhausts the airflow
downwards at the rear of the machine. At the same time the air is filtered by a coarse filter net.

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Technical specifications


Fan diameter:  Ø 850 mm
Number of fan blades:  5
PTO output: > 45 hp
PTO:  540 RPM
Drive:  Power take-off
Required hydraulics:  180 bar - 40 l/min.
Required hydraulic connections:  1 x single acting, 1 x double acting
Weight:  1350 kg
Measurements (LxBxH):  4,9 x 1,75 x 2,45 m
Air capacity: 

315 m3/min.

Noise level: 85 dB(A)
Loading capacity: 7 m3
Wander hose: Ø 200 mm, length 5 + 1 meter
Suction hose: Ø 350 mm, length 4 meter
Working width: 1,70 m, 2,00 of 2,40m
Tyres: 15x17 of 19x17/8 PLY


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