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The TRILO SU60 suction unit is mounted onto a solid chassis suitable for fast traffic (maximum 80 km/h) with bolt joint. The chassis is also equipped with lighting and can easily be driven anywhere you need it. The SU60 is equipped with a reliable 2 cylinder 20 HP Honda petrol engine with electronic start. The Ø 600 mm fan is placed inside a wear-resistant dual walled housing and is driven through a fan belt. The SU60 is standard equipped with a 5 meter long wander hose with a sturdy end pipe and hand grip. A hose arm and support bracket are also included. For your safety the fan of the SU60 automatically stops when the wander hose is disconnected. The spout can be turned 360 degrees and is equipped with an end piece for guiding the airflow.

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Technical specifications


Fan diameter:  Ø 600 mm
Number of fan blades:  4
Drive:  fan belt
Weight:  440 kg
Measurements (LxWxH):  2,70 x 1,63 x 2,14 m
Engine: Honda GX-630 (15,5 kW; elektric starter)
Driving speed: 80 km/h
Air capacity:

240 m3/min.

Noise level: 106 dB(A)
Wander hose: Ø 250 mm, length 5 m
Tyres: 20.5x8.0-10