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The SU40C suction unit is a compact unit, equipped with a reliable 11 HP Honda petrol engine, which powers the Ø 400 mm fan through a fan belt. The fan is placed inside a wear-resistant dual walled housing. The SU40C is standard equipped with a 3,50 meter long wander hose with sturdy end pipe with handgrip. A hose arm and support bracket are optional. For your safety the fan of the SU40C automatically stops when the wander hose is disconnected. The fan housing can easily be cleaned using the drain with cap. The spout can be turned 360 degrees and is equipped with an end piece for guiding the airflow. The SU40C is a separate unit which can be mounted onto any vehicle or trailer.

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Technical specifications


Fan diameter:  Ø 400 mm
Number of fan blades:  4
Drive:  fan belt
Weight:  140 kg
Measurements (LxWxH):  1,2 x 1,0 x 1,2 m
Engine: Honda GXV340 (recoil)
Air capacity:  180m3/min.
Noise level: 106 dB(A)
Wander hose: Ø 200 mm, length 3,5 + 1 m