Parking lot sweepers are efficient machines to keep any parking lot clean. Are you looking for a high quality parking lot sweeper for sale? Then read more about the Trilo S-series.

Using parking lot sweepers will have a number of good results

  • A clean parking lot is welcoming and that feeling will wear off on your business
  • A parking space without litter will keep away rodents and other unsanitary animals.
  • A debris-free parking lot requires less maintenance and is, as a result, less expensive to keep. This is because debris will eventually damage the pavement, and that will need to be repaired.
  • People will keep a clean parking lot cleaner than a dirty one.

Trilo parking lot sweepers: versatile and maintenance friendly

We have established that it is important to keep a parking lot tidy, and that using a parking lot sweeper is the most efficient way to achieve this.

But which parking lot sweeper suits your needs best?

At Trilo we have a truly versatile parking lot sweeper for sale. The sweeper can be manoeuvred easily, and also in small areas. Furthermore, this maintenance friendly machine can be configured to fit your exact needs.

For instance, you can choose capacity, undercarriage, working width and whether the suction hood should vacuum and sweep, or merely vacuum. And these are just few of the options we offer!

Read more about the tailor-made Trilo parking lot sweepers




Parking lot sweepers

4 Reasons you should choose a Trilo parking lot sweeper for sale close to you

  • Trilo supplies parking lot sweepers throughout Europe, so no matter where in Europe you are located, we will be able to be of service to you.
  • We have a team of professionals combining over 40 years of experience with the latest design- and production technologies. Our sales representatives are always informed about the latest market developments and are happy to provide you with practical information and solid advice, in a timely matter.
  • We have a large number of spare parts available for you. As a Trilo customer, you will get access to our warehouse by logging in to a secured website. You will be able to track parts, check supply and follow the status of your order. 
  • Our service department offers on-site emergency service. Furthermore, we do the maintenance of all machines we sell, including yours.

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