Parking lot cleaning equipment is produced to keep parking lots litter and debris free. At Trilo, our parking lot sweeping equipment is backed by 40 years of industry experience. Over the years, we have improved our machines according to our customer’s wishes. And you can benefit from that! Contact us for more information

Parking lot cleaning equipment: important for more than just the obvious reasons

Imagine driving your car in a parking lot that is filled with litter and debris. How would that make you feel? As part of a bigger survey, this question was asked to over 30.000 shoppers. Their responses left nothing to the imagination:

  • 14% of the customers said that they would stop visiting the shop and the parking lot.
  • 29% would only visit the store to pick up items they could not buy anywhere else.

Conclusion: a badly kept parking lot will result in a potential loss of customers.

But there is more. A parking lot filled with litter will invite other people to throw out their trash as well. It also invites rodents, and might lead to injuries, as people slip and fall over the rubbish. Furthermore, a dirty parking lot will reduce the life span of pavement, due to the abrasive characteristics of sand, debris and litter.

We reckon this should convince you to keep your parking areas clean. But what is the most efficient way to achieve that? Choose to work with Trilo’s parking lot cleaning equipment.  

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Parking lot sweepers

Trilo’s parking lot sweeping equipment: more than sweeping

Enough said about the risks of a badly kept parking space. This is why Trilo’s parking lot cleaning equipment can help you out:

  • It is compact, allowing you to easily manoeuvre in tight spaces.
  • It not only sweeps, it also vacuums litter, leaves and debris.
  • It has a high loading capacity, so you don’t need to empty the container very often.

Furthermore, our parking lot sweeping equipment is completely tailor-made. Need a water injector? An add-on to help you reach high or difficult places? Let us know and we will provide accordingly. Try the online product configurator for free, and see how we can help you to keep your parking area clean. 

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