A grass airstrip needs meticulous cleaning and grass cutting.

When the grass is too high, birds will nest in it. Furthermore, long grass, littered with debris or otherwise, will make it difficult to safely land or take off. So regular maintenance is critical and for that, industrial sweeping machines are needed.

Trilo’s S-series vacuum sweeper: for efficient and highly versatile grass airstrip maintenance

Our S-series machine is one of those industrial sweeping machines.

Compact and short, the vacuum sweeper is easy to manoeuvre. But don’t be blindsided by its size: the filling degree of the container is high, and its capacity noteworthy.

The boom of the suction hose is large, enabling you to collect debris from greater distances. The boom can be placed on both sides of the sweeper.

Apart from vacuuming and sweeping, this versatile machine can also cut and collect grass. Choose between separate cutting and collecting, and you can collect grass from as far as 8 meters distance. Choose to cut and collect in one session, and the working width is still a respectable 6 meters.

Furthermore, the height at which we mow discourages birds on the grass airstrip, thus enabling safer flights.

Do you wish to add additional features? Choose between no less than 52 different ones with our product configurator. 

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Grass airstrip

Industrial sweeping machines: 4 reasons to choose Trilo for your grass airstrip maintenance

First of all, Trilo boasts over 40 years of experience. Our professionals combine their expertise with the latest design and production technologies. We will assemble your sweeping machine to match your exact needs.

Secondly, we distribute both machines and spare parts all over Europe. Spare parts are easily ordered online, and shipped the same day if ordered before 14.00 hours.

Thirdly, our service centre has a team ready for you to assist you with any technical issue you might have, both long distance or on-site.

And finally, we provide maintenance services for all our customers: we do not just sell machines, we help you maintain grass airstrips and will continue to do so long after your machine has left our factory.

Any questions about the maintenance of your grass airstrip? Contact us

Feel free to contact us at any time. We gladly provide you with information and help you along with some good advice. You are also welcome to visit us and take a tour at our factory. Just contact us by phone on at +31(0)33 456 45 50 or by email at info@trilo.com.

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