Trilo’s football pitch maintenance equipment

Are you looking for football pitch maintenance equipment that is easy to use and will help you save a lot of time? Then read more about our offer, or contact us directly to request further information.

Sports field maintenance

How our football pitch maintenance equipment will help you save a lot of time 

At Trilo, we imagine most groundkeepers dread the Sunday night. Because by then, the sports clubs will have finished their football games and the damage done to the turf will have become painfully clear. But there is no need for despair! With Trilo, you can verticut, cut and collect grass and collect debris. All with one clever machine: our S-Series Vacuum Sweeper.

Our football pitch maintenance equipment is light weight and compact, allowing for easy manoeuvring across the field, without the risk of damaging the turf. Furthermore, there are over 50 different features you can use to assemble your vehicle, making this machine truly tailor-made.

For example, you can cut and collect grass in one easy session, but you can also collect leaves or debris. Have you got more than one field to attend to, then opt for a 12 or 14 m3 hopper. If you prefer to keep it compact, choose the 8 or 10 m3 one. Select your preferred filter, tow eye, and undercarriage, and add features such as a parking break or noise suppression lid.

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Sports pitch maintenance

Trilo: full-service, high quality

Trilo is a Dutch company with over 40 years of industry experience. Not only do we strive for unrivalled quality, we also aim to provide exceptional service for our clients. Those are big words, but we don’t use them idly: we design and assemble machines and fine-tune them before we send them off. You can start using them upon arrival. Furthermore, we provide regular maintenance for all our clients, thus maximizing the life span of your equipment. Spare parts can be ordered online and are shipped mere hours after placing your order.

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