Time efficient football field maintenance with Trilo’s sports turf machinery

Football field maintenance can be an arduous task. Unless you choose Trilo’s sports turf machinery: we can help you save time and money, while you ensure that your football field remains in excellent condition.

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Sports field maintenance

Why football field maintenance can be so tough

The ball is soaring through the sky. Football players take position. The audience roars. Upon descending, five athletes jump towards the ball, causing a skirmish on the ground that is ended when one breaks free, holding the ball and making a go for it.

Football is a delightful sport to watch, but perhaps not so much for the one maintaining the field. He will notice the damage done to the sod, and he will know how much time and money it will take to carry out the repairs. Indeed, football field maintenance can be difficult. However, with the right sports turf machinery, anyone will be able to maintain the playing field, keeping it in the best possible condition. 

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Sports pitch maintenance

How our sports turf machinery can help save time and money on football field maintenance

Let’s face it, extensive use of sports areas will take a toll on the quality of the turf. But a well maintained field is better able to withstand heavy use, and we have the sports turf machinery to help you achieve that.

This is because Trilo’s sports turf equipment is light weight. Therefore, it won’t damage the soil, so no expensive repairs to the sod will be necessary. Also, our machine has a working width of up to 8 meters, and filling degree of up to 20 m3. Hence, you can cut the grass without spending too much time on the turf. Again, you will avoid damages, while keeping the work very time efficient. Furthermore, the machine can cut and collect grass in one session. It can also collect debris and leaves, making this versatile machine the first choice for anyone in the sports field maintenance business.

And the best part? We have another 50 features you can choose from! Build your tailor-made football field maintenance equipment with our free, online product configurator.

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