When you think about airport runway maintenance, you don’t immediately think about cutting grass. But this is most certainly an important part of runway cleaning. Trilo has the vacuum sweeper that can do the job.

Airport runway maintenance: our S-series vacuum sweeper for both cleaning and cutting grass

When carrying out airport runway maintenance, you need a machine that can collect rubble and foreign object debris (FOD) fast, and efficiently.

However, you also need to maintain the runway verges, as high grass offers a home to birds and high grass may limit same flying.

The S-series vacuum sweeper by Trilo is up to both tasks:

  • It is compact and easy to manoeuvre. 
  • Its high loading capacity and large boom for the suction hose allow for efficient cleaning and collecting.
  • It is essentially professional grass cutting equipment: choose a grass collection add-on that has a working width of no less than 8 meters, or, alternatively, choose to cut and collect grass in one session and work with a device that has a working width of 6 meters.
  • Our runway sweeper works at just the right height to discourage birds from nesting in the grass or resting on the runway. 
  • You can configure the sweeper to meet the exact demands you need for airport runway maintenance. Just check our product configurator by clicking on the button below and choose between over 52 different features.

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Airport runway maintenance 

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Why Trilo is a preferred supplier for many other airport runway maintenance professionals

Trilo knows what you need for efficient airport runway maintenance. With over 40 years of experience, it is safe to say that we can build professional vacuum sweepers and grass cutting equipment.

We have a well-equipped service department that can distribute machines all across Europe. Our technical staff offers on-site emergency service and we provide maintenance services for all our customers.

If you wish to order spare parts, simply log in on a secure part of our website, check supply and place your order. If your order before 14.00 hours, we will send the spare parts to you on the same day.

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