Vanmac BV has grown from the in 1932 founded smithy by Cees van Loen. Agriculture was barely mechanised then as you can deduct from all the hand tools in the background of the photo.


After the war agricultural machines became more common and more and more tractors could be seen in the Hoogland streets.

The smithy adapted itself to this new trend and built a manure spreader, a completely new technique for this era. They used an old army fuel tank and instead of a vacuum pump, they made use of the existing tractor suction to fill up the tank.


In 1968 they were asked to build a vacuum sweeper by a turf producer in the region. This sweeper was used to remove the mowed grass from the fields and was the first of many. The cooperation and trust of the local turf producers have contributed greatly in developing and improving our vacuum sweepers.

In the seventies the Van Loen family started building and marketing the vacuum sweepers more and more professionally and they needed a brand name: TRILO. TRILO originates from trio Van Loen, named after the 3 brother: Louis, Cees and Leo van Loen. Around this time they also developed the first brochures.

Trio Van Loen

TRILO has come a long way since the seventies. TRILO has evolved from a part of the company to one of the pillars of Vanmac BV. A brand that is continually updated and improved to offer you the best possible solution for your business.




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