TRILO production
Vanmac BV develops and produces their own vacuum sweepers, leaf blower and verticutters, which are sold under the brand name TRILO. With modern 3D CAD drawing programs we design new machines and improve existing lines. The TRILO machines are built, painted and assembled in our own factory in Amersfoort, The Netherlands, according to the latest production methods.

TRILO is the leading brand of parent company Vanmac BV and her biggest pride. TRILO provides solutions for daily, time consuming jobs, such as grass cutting, collecting grass, leaves and debris and removing them from the work site. TRILO machines are especially designed for professionals in public area maintenance, large green area maintenance, golf course maintenance, airport maintenance etc. Vanmac BV also offers machines for the turf industry. More information about these products can be found here.

TRILO sells its products via a dealer network across Europe. This network ensures a quick and efficient distribution of machines and parts. We sell to turf industry professionals directly. Our Field sales representatives are at your service to answer questions on machines, to find a local dealer or to demonstrate a product.

Are you interested in our products? Feel free to contact us via phone number +31 (0) 33 456 45 50 and find out what the possibilities are. As a Vanmac customer you are always welcome for a tour of our factory. Ask your Sales representative about it.

TRILO has its own Service department where we fine tune new machines, so that the customer can start using it as soon as it arrives. We also refurbish used machines. Please visit our Vanmac website [link toevoegen] to check out our collection of used machinery.

Spare parts
TRILO keeps a large number of spare parts in stock. Via our webshop you can search for parts, check the stock and track your order 24/7. When placing your order, you can immediately select a transport method and see the corresponding costs. Machines and parts are delivered by preferred transporters or with our own truck.

Family business
Vanmac BV is a family business that was founded in 2008. Although the company is fairly young we hold more than 40 years of experience. We combine this extensive experience with modern 3D CAD design and production techniques to offer you the best possible products. All TRILO machines are produced in our own factory in Amersfoort, The Netherlands by our highly skilled employees. Our dedicated workers use old fashioned craftsmanship and the latest techniques to build our beautiful TRILO products. Our Sales representatives are up to speed on the latest market developments and always ready to supply you with practical information, solid advice and quick service.